There's always a child in kindy/year one that has the most amazing hair styles EVERY day. Her French braids, intricate platted Rapunzel designs with ribbons and bows perfectly tied and then there's YOUR daughter... who's lucky to have semi brushed hair and in comparison looks like she's been living in the forest her whole life !

I know, that was me 30 years ago in school compared to the Kindy Hair Princess 'Joanna' and now my daughter is that forest child in comparison to 6yr old 'Lexie'. What's even worse is that as my daughter watches Lexie skipping carefree and happy into school with yet another elaborate hairstyle my daughter scowls in contempt at me with, "Why cant you do my hair like that mum?" 

Triggered by by own defeated childhood with my hair nemesis Joanna and remembering the disappointment of my own mother's hair skill shortcomings... I hold back the urge to snap at my daughter saying, "Well you won't sit still longer than 2 seconds, you scream like I'm murdering you every single brush stroke and with everything going on at the moment, barely brushed and sort of done is the best you're getting kid... and if you go on about it, I will find the fairy folk and you can live in the forest for good !"

Sound familiar? Well, the Happy Hair Brush is about to change your universe. It's the brush you needed as a child and now you can claim victory over the past with your own children's hair styles. This brush gets knots and tangles out without any hassle and it encourages your child to sit still, not complain and allow you to watch that instructional youtube video as she happily sits there while you learn how to do the elaborate designer braids and hairstyles. 

Your child will then go to school looking incredible and you can stand proud at the school gate a winner, an amazing mum whom other mothers marvel at because you have miraculously got your child to stop moving, be patient and allow you to make her hair look spectacular.

Yes, the Happy Hair Brush is everything our customers says it is and we guarantee you and your children will love it and we guarantee that there will be no more hair brushing drama in your house for good. Hand on heart, you are a great parent, don't let the wrong brush ruin your mornings ever again !