Supporting Aussie families, kids and charities!

Doing all the good we can, for as long as we can, for all the people we can ! xx

Kids with Cancer

Over 800 children are diagnosed with cancer each year in Australia. The funds they raise goes towards helping hospitals to improve their facilities, research, quality staff, social workers, and more.

Happy Hair Brush is proud to support Kids with Cancer, and Aussie Charity with a big heart supporting kids AND their families dealing with Cancer.

100% of direct donations are passed on to help sick kids!

Smiles2U - North Shore Mums

As a brand that loves to brings smiles to all, we love supporting a charity that also brings smiles with their care packages for kids and parents in hospital.

Smiles2U is all about bringing care and comfort to the many children, parents and carers who pass through the doors of our local hospitals every day. Run by a team of passionate
Mums (just like us) who want to make a hospital visit for your child a happier one. they provide Essential care packs, Cuddle bags, Smiles bags & Cancer care packs to people who find themselves in emergency situations.

Happy Hair Brush were honoured to donate $9.5K worth of brushes for their Movie Night in September 2023.

Wigs 4 Kids

Wigs 4 Kids is an initiative by Kids with Cancer. The wigs change a sick child’s life by making them feel more confident. Working in conjunction with ‘Ella Wigmakers’ on the Central Coast NSW, all donated hair is made into Wigs for Kids right here in Australia. Every wig is gifted a Happy Hair Brush to ensure minimal hair loss from the wig as well has making the wig easier to care for.

Giant Steps Autism


Autism is a pervasive development disorder which affects social and communication skills and, to a greater or lesser degree, motor and language skills.

Giant Steps was founded to help educate children and families experiencing autism, to alleviate associated stress and to guide in the achievement of measurable results.

This year (2023) we have donated three hampers to the value of $900 for their Annual Charity Ball on 17 June (celebrating 28yrs of support). We also donated our Sensory Paddle Brushes to each Giant Step student; look at that smile 😁👆🏼

Northern Beaches Women's Shelter


Rebuilding women's lives... together. NBWS is a safe haven, supporting homeless women so they can rebuild their lives, reclaim their independence and rejoin society. NBWS is a non-profit, community-funded charitable organisation providing crisis accommodation, support, safety and services for homeless women across Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Wanting to help build back confidence, empower self love & care, and bring some happiness into their lives, Happy Hair Brush donated $2K worth of brushes to these brave women currently at the centre.



Don't be fooled - “dis” isn't for disability it's for DISRUPTION. They have built a platform that fosters genuine connections, celebrates diversity, and encourages positive impact.

We are so excited to have received images already - they are brilliant. We can now represent all kids in our social media content and on our website!

PS. Check out our little accessibility widget in the bottom right corner of our website 💜 Super cool!

McGrath Foundation (since 2021)

As a brand that is all about family, we feel it’s important to support other families when they are going through a really difficult time. The McGrath Foundation fund McGrath Breast Care Nurses who support individuals and their families experiencing breast cancer.

Each of the Happy Hair Team staff have been deeply impacted by cancer. We've all lost a parent to cancer. We are very proud to be able contribute to such a worthy organisation making such a difference to so many families.

So far we have donated $80,000 to this amazing charity and our target is $250K. Help us again this October.

Mullets for Mental Health


We supported the Black Dog Institute's mental health awareness campaign. The last few years have been tough for everyone, we have felt it in our families too.

We wanted to raise awareness AND celebrate mullets (an interesting by product of lockdowns) and unique hair styles. We raised over $2,650 in Sept 2022 and look forward to doing more. We may even cut a mullet into our hair.... MAYBE !!!

Hope in a Suitcase (2022 onwards)


When we learned about this incredibe charity, we wanted to help. We have had many foster parents message us and say how much of a difference our brushes make to foster kids. Especially those who have endured such hardship and trauma. We donate a brush for every suitcase knowing a child has one more thing they can be independnent about and so take the world on with more confidence. We know its just a brush, but we've found time and time again, its way more than that for these kids.

Community Hair Project (2020 ongoing)

The organiser of this project is Christina Mastella (pictured) and she is incredible. Helping homeless people and distressed & displaced women and their children find shelter, food, and dignity. Their project connects hair dressers with homeless people and gives them FREE haircuts. We donate Happy Hair Brushes to this charity so the people getting a haircut have an easier time dealing with their hair. And as you know, its a massage for your head and who doesnt like that.

A recent quote from Christina Mastella was..." Not often I am floored BUT when the truly amazing donation of 360 Happy Hair Brushes arrived I've got to be honest I got teary! What a beautiful company for caring so much about our homeless mates and Aussie kids doing it tough!!! PS. Totally amazing brush and Im not being bias, its like my head is getting a massage..."

Dignity (since 2019)

Jen, CEO and founder of Happy Hair Brush™, has lived through domestic violence herself. In 2014, her world changed drastically when she dealt with her then husband's behaviour escalating to being verbally abusive and physically violent. After he assaulted Jen and her 3 year old daughter, Jen kicked him out of their home. What followed was a very challenging time for her dealing with police, courts, financial distress and everything else that went with it. Its taken years for Jen to get back to a “happy” life.

Founding Happy Hair Brush played a critical role in that. Jen feels proud to have rebuilt her life and now be able to support other women and children to do the same. We have donated over $77,000 in brushes, haircare and support for families needing Dignity's loving care in such a challenging time.

Wesley Mission Foster Kids (2018)

In 2018, we donated 300 sensory brushes to Wesley Mission for children in Foster Care. Forter Parents have many challenges bringing a displaced and scared young person into their home. One thing that can help to bridge the barriers is a hair brush that works on unwashed hair without pain and pulling. We've had hundred of Foster parents use our brushes and say incredible things that the brushes have done.

One foster father messaged us and said "This child would not speak to us, look at us and refused to come to the dinner table. We gave her a Happy Hair Brush and after 20 minutes of being in her room, she came to the dinner table and said, 'Ive never been able to brush my hair, thanks!' We were gobsmacked, she was a changed human and we are so grateful for your products.