Happy Hair Brush + My Little Pony all in one place!

These limited edition and Happy Hair exclusive products feature hair products inspired by the My Little Pony: A New Generation film. All of these products are exclusive to Happy Hair Brush and you won't find them anywhere else in Australia or New Zealand.
If you are in New Zealand, order here... our warehouse in NZ will ship directly to you.

Customer reviews
My 7 year old daughter would scream and spew in fear of brushing her hair. We tried multiple brands of brushes, sprays etc that said it made brushing easier- they didn’t. Every morning hair brush time sucked. Every day I considered shaving her hair off. Someone said to try their Happy Hair Brush. We tried it to be polite, but expecting it to be useless. It wasn’t! It truly wasn’t. So I bought her this brush and she’s been brushing without fear. It’s been a life changer.
— Sharnie ~ on the My Little Pony Original Paddle
This really has been a game changer for my sensitive kiddo. We sometimes get a little whinging now but no more total meltdowns.
My 4yo is has spiral curls that get heavily knotted and she has a very sensitive scalp. I have large waves in very thick hair.
— Catherine ~ on the My Little Pony Original Paddle
Absolutely amazing my kids hair feels wonderful!
— Yolanda ~ on the My Little Pony Mega Pack
Amazing brush! My girls have always hated their hair being brushed, so many tears. We now have no issues with brushing hair and I even get asked by my daughter to brush it now!
— Jessica ~ on the My Little Pony Original Paddle