Make your brush POP

Bling Your Brush

Make your brush as special as YOU !

perfect activity for a couple of hours

Bling Your Brush with Rainbow Colours

When holidays come around, it can be a mad rush to find some rainy day activities for the kids - big and old! It is inevitable that there will be at least one grey miserable day over the holidays for sure! But we need to keep them entertained, happy and busy! We have the solution... and it's clean & practical craft - no mess and lots of fun.

Endless Possibilities

Here are some examples of what you can do with the Bling Your Brush Acrylic Markers and Bling Crystals.

Click play and see how we have made a lime green brush as pretty as a rainbow. Now you can personalise your own brush to be anything you like.

Create your own design

The 'bling crystals ' and 24 acrylic markers are great to have in the craft cupboard, to take on your next camping trip, or pack in onboard luggage for those long flights. #Remember to pack your brushes too and maybe even a few extra beach pebbles just in case.

Bling templates

Help to get you started.

We have created some inspirational templates for you to get started. There are examples of what you could create, and also a blank template for you to print out so you can draw up a design before you start on your brush!

FAQ about Bling Your Brush Products

How do I best apply my crystals to my brush?

Application: For best application to Happy Hair Brush, apply in one strips of beads at a time.

Doing it in a strip means they will stick better together rather than individually.

The bling crystals wont stick very well to the rubber handles of the Original Brushes, so best to stick to the non rubber parts of the brush - ideally the brush head.

How do I clean my brush when I have 'blinged' my brush?

CLEANING: We recommend cleaning your Happy Hair Brush by washing the brush's bristles only - using your hands or our brush head cleaner.

With this bling we do not recommend washing or soaking your brush head in water as the bling will come loose.

Permanent Finish Options

If you want the bling crystals to be really permanent (not coming off ever kind of stuck) then we suggest using a stronger 'super' glue type product. You've probably got something like this in your home already. Application will need to be done with adult supervision.

Similarly, if you want the acrylic paint to be permanently finished, we suggest using an art and craft finisher or spray like Mod Podge Gloss Finish or even clear Nail Polish.

We have tried hairspray and it is not great as it causes the acrylic paint to run. So an acrylic paint finisher or nail varnish will be best. Again, from any craft store or for nail polish from any chemist or discount shop. Apply with adult supervision.

The reason we dont stock these products for a neat and tidy solution for you, is that we figure most homes have a clear nail polish / clear varnish or appropriate craft products of some kind already. To seal the brush, you dont need much sealer or nail polish so why buy a new bottle when you've probably already got some at home.

Can the markers work on anything else?

Yes! As they are acrylic pens, they will work well on rocks, ceramics, paper and canvas. So your kids can keep 'crafting away' after their brush is finished. Which gives you just a little bit more quiet time.

Do the Markers and the Crystals come together?

No, they are sold seperately. We figure some people may not want crystals to decorate their brush. As you can see from our examples, brushes, especially the mini brushes can look really cool just by colouring them in.