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We are always on the hunt for other 100% Aussie owned companies solving problems and making a difference.


Ziippup was founded with one purpose – to design smart sustainable gear for dogs and their people so that every day becomes an effortless adventure. Overwhelmed by all the dog stuff we supposedly needed (poo bag holders, treat bags, ball throwers, raincoats) and surprised by the lack of sustainable dog gear, we decided that less was more!

Conscious of the environmental impact, their leads are made from recycled plastic bottles and the all-in-one design.

Nail Snail®

Do you remember when you first cut your bubba's teeny tiny little nails? I do and it wasn't a joyful experience let me tell you. If only I had known about the Nail Snail® back then. Specifically designed for those precious nails, its3-in-1, baby nail trimmer, for babies and children, from birth to 5 years. Created by mum-of-three, Julia Christie, it offers an easier, safer, and faster way to get the task done.

The Midnight Gang

The Midnight Gang will be your your parenting life saver! An ultimate game-changer, taking the stigma out of bed wetting. And we love that! Their products are two-fold - 1. Saving sheets and doonas from getting wet and destroyed, while 2. Also saving parents the hassle of getting up in the middle of the night to strip wet beds. Less stress and more sleep for all of us is a win-win in our books.

Confetti Rebels

One of our company values is Being Real. This brand makes us smile. Unapologetic, funny and real is Confetti Rebels!

Amy from Confetti Rebels has created a brand built on building women up and giving people confidence to shine their own uniqueness. And, stating the obvious in a funny way. We LOVE this!


Simone, Founder of Disinfluencer.co & Mum of 2, supported by her awesome husband, is shaking up the misconceptions around the way we view our world and the people in it. Now with Simone’s help, kids with a disability, chronic illness or neurodiversity can have modelling & influencing careers, if they want them. And oh my, how they want them and oh my… how brands, NGOs and Government agencies do too.

Shoes & Socks

When our kids were little all of us at Happy Hair Brush have fond memories of having our kids sit at the iconic fitting bench having their first pair of 'proper' shoes fitted to perfection by the wonderful, friendly and supporting staff at Shoes & Sox.

The company's family values are set high with their mission to put the best-fitting shoes on the feet of Australian children at family-friendly prices which continues till this day!

Brolly Sheets

Again like lots of the products we share with you, this one hits home on a personal level. We would have loved the Brolly sheet products as kids growing up. Not being able to do sleepovers or camps with confidence for the fear of having a wet bed was hard. Coupled with our mums frustration that night time accidents and being wet was (back in the 1970s and 1980s) shameful and bad… mainly because of all the washing of bedding each day was doing their heads in. Dryers weren’t in every house back then either! Being a kid is messy and parents need tools and products that support kids as they grow and be who they are!


Lunalux is about changing what beauty sleep means. They believe that a good night's sleep is the key to a happier, healthier you. That's why they've developed pillowcases, eye masks, and scrunchies that are specifically designed to nourish your skin and hair while you sleep. Using patented technology, their products are infused with skin & hair loving ingredients hyaluronic acid and argan oil to help you say goodbye to restless nights and hello to better hair and skin.


FIGUR is for ALL women, all shapes and sizes. Designed for confident and comfort, with the goal of making women feel beautiful and confident in their clothes and in their everyday lives.

Figur is an Australian business run by women for women! We love Jules and all that she represents because Figur is not about your physical shape it's how you shape the image of you in your mind. You can have curves - it's just smoothing them out.

Oh Flossy

Oh Flossy know that you care about the ingredients that you put on your kids skin so they have created a 100% natural, non-toxic, safe makeup range so that little ones can play and create with makeup and parents can rest assured that their skin is safe…plus it washes off with water! 

They are saving parents makeup from being ruined by little fingers with their kid-friendly makeup sets and just like Happy Hair Brush™, they are solving problems for families around the world!

Proud Poppy Clothing

What makes Proud Poppy different is that they are an affordable and stylish fashion store that is for ALL women (offering an inclusive size range from Size 6 to Size 28). A store that is on trend, welcoming and most importantly somewhere that we can all shop together!

Tribe Tropical

We love their dedication to keeping everyone safe from the sun’s harmful rays with their range of stylish swimwear for the whole family.  

Get the whole family out enjoying the sunshine in style with a range of UV swimwear. Inspired by the tropical Australia, the prints will keep everyone looking great while keeping safe.

New Day Skin

THE SUNSCREEN BATTLE IS OVER! Co-Founders Ange and Jo have created NEW DAY Skin specifically to give tweens and teens quality sun protection products that are affordable, modern and fun! Their Happy Days and Good Vibes Daily Face Creams are broad spectrum, SPF 50+ sunscreens that look invisible, are lightweight and smell amazing. As a result the whole family loves to use them, especially the kids!

Their mission is for young people to wake up to an exciting NEW DAY and voluntarily apply high protection SPF 50+ sunscreen as part of their morning routine, just like cleaning their teeth and brushing their hair...without the battle! They will reapply throughout the day because they WANT to.

Wild Dough

Wild Dough's playdough is unique because it is handmade, non-toxic, deliciously scented, super soft and is really long-lasting! And I mean this dough will last over 6 months, even if the kids leave the lids off because all you have to do is all a few drops of water to re-hydrate. NOW THAT IS A GAME CHANGER !!! No more little tubs of playdough that lasts for one play anymore!

The colours are brilliant and bold and its all manufactured in Melbourne. There is SO MUCH to love about this company!

Famous Soda Co.

Famous Soda Co. solve the problem of making fun sparkly drinks that contain ZERO sugar and use a natural sweetener.

Our kids LOVE these drinks, Pink Lemonade is the best! They are now selling directly to consumers so you can always be stocked up on kids drinks as well as mixers and refreshing bevies with up to a total of 8 calories per bottle, who doesn’t love that.

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