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Fan favourite, the Mother Brush™ is an award-winning people’s choice for painlessly detangling wet and dry hair. Perfect for all hair types, expertly designed for the thickest of hair while giving a deep relaxing massage.


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Thousands Of Fans Are Raving About The Mother Brush™

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6 Reasons Why Women Are Ditching Their Hair Brushes For The Mother Brush™

1. Detangling Just Got Pain-Free!

Still yanking yourself with the hairbrush every morning? The Mother Brush™ is specifically designed to detangle even the toughest knots while smoothly gliding through your wet or dry hair — without pulling, breaking or hurting. It truly is a GAME-CHANGER for every woman!

2. Enjoy A Deep Relaxing Massage 

Turn your brushing experience into pure bliss with a soothing scalp massage. The expertly-designed natural boar bristles get right to your scalp, distribute natural oils and stimulate hair follicles to promote healthy hair growth. Healthy hair starts with The Happy Brush!

3. Earn Back Precious Moments Of Day

Detangling your knotted hair with ordinary brushes takes AGES (and causes hair breakage), and it becomes a nightmare if they’re wet! Designed to save you time, it detangles your hair in just 5-6 strokes like a breeze. Enjoy doing what matters the most!

4. Perfect For Wigs & Hair Extensions

After 3 years of research & development, the Mother of all Brushes is here to be your hair BFF, no matter the hair type! It smoothly glides through hair, wigs, and extensions — without ripping them off. There’s a reason women call it “pure bliss!”

5. Light & Fits Perfectly In Your Hand 

Tired of heavy brushes that turn styling into an arm workout? We designed it to be light & fit perfectly in your hand. You can easily reach behind your head even with sore shoulders or mobility issues. The cute texture adds extra grip so it doesn’t slip away in the shower.

6. Beautiful Addition To Hair Care Routine

Cute colours add an aesthetic vibe to your daily hair care routine. Designed by a team of mothers (who hate yanking themselves with ordinary brushes). Chic & aesthetically pleasing — you’ll be proud to show it off on your bathroom counter or vanity.


Love it or get your Money back!

What’s So Special About It?

You told, we heard. The Mother Brush™ is the result of 10 different prototypes and 3 years of research with our Original Happy Hair Brush adult customers. 


You loved the Original Happy Hair Brush but found it didn't detangle the THICK hair fully and only brushed the 'surface' of the hair.


The Mother Brush™ has LONGER bristles and brush pins than the Original Happy Hair Brush so it gets right to your scalp. It easily detangles the thickest of hair while giving a deep scalp massage. Brushing through fine, dense, curly hair is pure bliss now!


Love it or get your Money back!

Not Just For Adults!

Tweens and teenager's hair gets more oily due to hormones. Its natural boar bristles distribute the hair oils from scalp to tips, gently tackling tough tangles and oily strands with ease. The Mother Brush™ is the ultimate companion for your girl’s hair care journey. 

Over 98,000+ Women Love, Love, Love Our Happy Brushes!

Over 98,000+ Women Love, Love, Love Our Happy Brushes!


Love my Mother Brush so much! I use this every day, it's so easy to detangle my knotty hair or even after the beach I'll use it straight away. Really enjoy the smooth handle, and love how pretty it looks :D

- Elodie


Absolutely hands down the best brush, after trying so many brushes finally there is one that brushes through my daughters thick, wavy hair and also puts a healthy shine to it. This brush is worth every $$$. I highly recommend this brush.

- Julianne


Best brush ever I have very fine hair and most brushes pull put my hair as I brush. Yet this was not the case with happy brush. Plus love how it massages my scalp the colour is a bonus (rose gold) 🌹

- Alanna


These brushes are the bomb diggity! As a bonus they massage your head whilst brushing your hair.



Beautiful, sturdy brush. Just what I needed for my delicate head of hair.


A Gift To Yourself Because You Are Worth It

Rediscover calm with every stroke of The Mother Brush™, designed not just to detangle but to give your scalp a deep relaxing massage with a nice tingling sensation.

This isn't just a hairbrush — it’s a life-changer, an experience that solves hair problems and transforms routines. It's a daily ritual of relaxation and self-love, where every moment is an opportunity to treat yourself because you are worth it.

Love it or get your Money back!

All Your Questions, Happily Answered!

If you want to know anything else or just drop by to share your story, our support team will be more than happy to assist you.
You can also take a look at our FAQs or our Hair Brush Guide to see if your question already has an answer. Or just email at & we’ll get back to you ASAP!

I have tried so many brushes without success. Why should this one be different?

Great question! Visit our Hair Brush Guide to see what makes this brush so special. 

And if that still doesn’t convince you, have a look at the thousands of 5-star reviews we have received for our brush. Our aim is to make 1 million people happy! You will see in the reviews that we are on track to achieve that.  We have helped many women, mothers, men, and children over the years, so we are pretty confident we can help you, too. And if not, you have nothing to lose as we offer a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Why Is This The Best Detangling Brush?

Glad you asked! The secret to the best hair brush lies in the bristle structure and brush body shape. The Mother Brush™ was created with natural boar bristles combined with soft nylon pins of the perfect length and thickness.

All of the details of the design help to prevent hair breakage by separating knots and detangling hair, without the tears. It can handle even the most challenging hair while protecting even the most sensitive heads.

It works wonders for all hair types and makes brushing knotted, tangled, and matted hair easier. Use it on wet or dry hair, thin or thick hair, young or old hair, afro, matted, wispy, curly... all hair!

While other brands recommend brushing hair from the bottom up, The Mother Brush's curved design allows you to brush crown to hair tip. Brush down all the way from the scalp to the bottom of your hair with no problems. It only takes about 5-6 brush strokes for all your hair to be brushed..

Is there a difference in the colours of the brushes?

All brushes are the same but the SAND brush is very special. It is 30% Straw wheat fibre. Which means that it is 30% less plastic. See the speckles in it... That's the straw fibre. So this brush is our first step into better products for the earth. Please know, other bio brushes you find in the chemist and online stores will snap very easily. They are too fragile to handle any real use. So this Mother of a Brush can take whatever daily use you can give it. You can love her, she can love you and together you can love the planet. Xx

Can I use the brushes on wet hair?

Yes, absolutely. Our hair brushes are designed to be used for dry and wet brushing. For further details on how to use our hair brushes and what brush is right for you, visit our Hair Brush Guide.

We are working on a brush you can use for styling so please visit us again soon to see if we can help you.

What makes this brush special?

The Mother Brush has longer bristles and nylon pins. Its designed for thicker hair so that the brush gets to the roots and scalp and still allows the thich hair to glide through the brush without pulling and tugging.

Also, this brush is one piece handle and brush head. There is no join between them. Most brushes have a join and hair can get caught in the join.

The handle also is designed to fit comfortably for adult hands and the brush is light. So for people with sore shoulders or mobility issues, this brush can reach behind your head easily.

The colour and the finish are pretty and there is an inbuilt texture on the brush for added grip.

Who is this brush for?

Women & Men with thick hair who want a hair brush to get right into their scalp AND also wants a real head massage. This brush will deliver, not just skim over the top. Also works great over hair extensions as it wont rip them out. 

Tweens because their hair is getting more oily and a lot of the time, getting tweens to wash isn't as easy as when they were 4 or 5 years old racing you to the bath. This brush will get in deep to detangle their hair and the tween is old enough to handle this brush to detangle and brush their hair. 

Teenagers, as above and also, many boys are now rocking longer hair too and they really need a brush that will handle their mops, mullets and manes.

Gifts - Fantastic as a gift for brides, bridesmaids, birthdays and teacher gifts. This is the perfect gift for someone you know and love or someone you respect. Everyone brushes their hair and this gift is the ultimate experience that will make them smile and think about you with gratitude. 

How to maintain the brush?

STEP 1:Remove loose hairs by hand and with the brush cleaner.

STEP 2:Wash the brush head in warm water with shampoo… don't submerge handle. Rub the bristles with your fingers to remove the lint and dirt.

STEP 3:Let the brush dry naturally.

STEP 4:Use for brushing only! Don't use with hair dryer or extreme heat!

STEP 5:Clean as needed(a monthly review is good).Every brush and every head is different.

Our 30 day money back guarantee?

We have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. After that we can only offer refunds for faulty or damaged products. We cannot offer an exchange service for change of mind.

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