They say breakfast makes your day happy. Well, that's true if you don't have kids.

However, when you're a parent, getting the kids to school on time without the emotional meltdowns and upsets is 100% better than having breakfast. You can always go get a coffee and a muffin AFTER drop off when you can savour the heat of your drink and eat the whole muffin yourself in silence or quietly reading a book.

What's even happier than that (yes working parents know this well) is after drop off you are NOT in a heightened emotional state of rage, guilt and regret having lost your sh$t with the kids because of the explosion of hair brushing terror at home before going to school because you've got an important day at work you need to bring your A-Game to. 

Yep, I've been there many times. There was even one specific morning when we got to the front door running late and my daughter's hair was a birds nest. She stood there in her power of being 6 years old and glared at me and said, "Don't touch my hair Mum. I'm fine with it and if you touch it, I will kick you and it will hurt!" Now, if I had said that to my mother 30 years ago, I would have been smacked for being disrespectful and/or grabbed and pinned so my arms couldn't move and suffered the most painful brushing because my mother wouldn't allow for us to say that to her or, even worse 'look like a 'feral' in public'... and... if that kind of disrespect continued, which it actually did, I had my hair cut short so my mother didn't have to deal with my Hair Defiance anymore. 

Times have changed (thank goodness) and forcing your child or hurting your child is not allowed anymore. However, many modern day parents are a little lost on how to deal with a defiant, wild hair child without resorting to the old ways. This is why Happy Hair Brush came into the world. Parents need to know that the problem is not the child and not the child's hair... IT'S THE BRUSH!!!!

Just because the brush has got a princess or flower on it, or has the child's name on it does NOT mean it is actually going to be a pleasant experience for the child. Most aren't. 

Parents need the RIGHT BRUSH, a Happy Hair Brush from the beginning, when the child is 3 years. At a young age, they can learn that brushing hair isn't painful, isn't hard and isn't an issue. If you have just found the Happy Hair Brush now and your child is older than 3 years old... all good... give them the brush to try by themselves. Bribe them if you have to so they just pick it up and then stand back.

Kids find out very quickly that brushing hair is easy and will allow you to brush. In fact, they will even bring you a brush because they too want their hair to look good and when they are little, they cant do it all by themselves. I know it's hard to imagine but we've had hundreds of emails from customers saying this is 100% true and has happened with their girls and boys. 

Trust us, the Happy Hair Brushes have been designed by Aussie mums for all the family. The Happy Mini brushes are small enough for kids to hold and the Original paddles allow a parent to literally 'rip through' a kid's knotty hair in about 5-6 strokes and they wont feel a thing! It is time to deal with the root of the issue... change the hair brush and you'll change your mornings forever to start HAPPY !!!

January 20, 2022 — Jen Harwood