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The Mini Travel brush is a smaller version of the Original Happy Hair Brush™ incorporates a mix of 5 different hairbrushes and combs styles into one. It has a solid (non-flexible) head so that it can deal with the toughest of hair while protecting the most sensitive of heads. The handle is solid to give you the resistance you need to brush and the finish is a smooth soft texture which is wonderful to hold. Great for little hands learning how to brush and a size that will sneak into any purse, bag or sports bag. Great for toddlers, people with shorter hair and even pets.It can be helpful in creating ponytails, braiding and smoothing and also for little kids with not a lot of hair. Use it on wet or dry hair, thin hair, thick hair, young hair, old hair, afro, matted, whispy, curly... all hair... it just works ! Get freedom back as this brush removes brushing drama forever. Check out our reviews here and on Facebook to see! Remember if you don't love it, let us know and get 100% refund. 
This brush actually works! We guarantee it. 

A special little bundle of joy. This Mini Pack is for 2 mini brushes. Great size for your little people to get the hang of brushing their own hair and great for tucking into your purse, overnight bag, swimming or sports bag. This mini brush, designed and exclude to us, gets knots and crazy hair brushed with no fuss or fanfare.

Includes a pink & purple Mini brush. Enjoy

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