Detangle Thick Hair Easy !

Yes lovelies, it's been a labour of love and its here. The bristles and brush pins are LONGER than the Original Happy Hair Brush™ so it is perfect for THICK hair and lots of hair and gets right to your scalp.

The brush looks heavy bit it is surprisingly light weight, so your arms won't feel like you've been working out to brush your hair. This brush is great for hair extensions too - it wont rip them out and takes care of wig hair beautifully as well.

This brush is ONLY currently available online on the Happy Hair Brush™ websites, Amazon Australia and select stockists.

The Mother Brush Tribe reviews
The Mother Brush Tribe reviews
Absolutely hands down the best brush, after trying so many brushes finally there is one that brushes through my daughters thick, wavy hair and also puts a healthy shine to it. This brush is worth every $$$. I highly recommend this brush.
— Julianne ~ Sydney, Australia
The Mother Brush Tribe reviews
Best brush ever I have very fine hair and most brushes pull put my hair as I brush. Yet this was not the case with happy brush. Plus love how it massages my scalp the colour is a bonus (rose gold) 🌹
— Alanna​ ~ Mill Park, Australia
The Mother Brush Tribe reviews
These brushes are the bomb diggity! As a bonus they massage your head whilst brushing your hair.
— Everlyn ~ Dural, Australia
The Mother Brush Tribe reviews
Beautiful, sturdy brush. Just what I needed for my delicate head of hair.
— Amanda​ ~ Wembley, Australia

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What makes this brush special?

The Mother Brush has longer bristles and nylon pins. Its designed for thicker hair so that the brush gets to the roots and scalp and still allows the thich hair to glide through the brush without pulling and tugging.

Also, this brush is one piece handle and brush head. There is no join between them. Most brushes have a join and hair can get caught in the join.

The handle also is designed to fit comfortably for adult hands and the brush is light. So for people with sore shoulders or mobility issues, this brush can reach behind your head easily.

The colour and the finish are pretty and there is an inbuilt texture on the brush for added grip.

Who is this brush for?

Women & Men with thick hair who want a hair brush to get right into their scalp AND also wants a real head massage. This brush will deliver, not just skim over the top. Also works great over hair extensions as it wont rip them out. 

Tweens because their hair is getting more oily and a lot of the time, getting tweens to wash isn't as easy as when they were 4 or 5 years old racing you to the bath. This brush will get in deep to detangle their hair and the tween is old enough to handle this brush to detangle and brush their hair. 

Teenagers, as above and also, many boys are now rocking longer hair too and they really need a brush that will handle their mops, mullets and manes.

Gifts - Fantastic as a gift for brides, bridesmaids, birthdays and teacher gifts. This is the perfect gift for someone you know and love or someone you respect. Everyone brushes their hair and this gift is the ultimate experience that will make them smile and think about you with gratitude. 

How to maintain the brush?

STEP 1: Remove loose hairs by hand and with the brush cleaner.

STEP 2: Wash the brush head in warm water with shampoo… don't submerge handle. Rub the bristles with your fingers to remove the lint and dirt.

STEP 3: Let the brush dry naturally.

STEP 4: Use for brushing only! Don't use with hair dryer or extreme heat!

STEP 5: Clean as needed (a monthly review is good).Every brush and every head is different.

Our 30 day money back guarantee?

We have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. After that we can only offer refunds for faulty or damaged products. We cannot offer an exchange service for change of mind.

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"Better massage than I get at the hair dresser"