Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer can happen to
women aged in their 20's & 30's.

breast cancer survivor interview

Meet Emily, 25yrs old

If Emily, had accidentily noticed a lump in her breast, she probably would be be here today. Jen, interviews Emily about her breast cancer journey and she talks about Joylene her dedicated McGrath nurse. Enjoy this very special conversation.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Our goal was to raise enough to ensure a McGrath Breast Care Nurse is with a patient and their family every step of the way throughout the duration of treatment!

We raised over $80,000 and donated over $10,000 in kind in 2021-2022.

Thanks to all the influencers that partnered with us. See some of them above. xx

Our main mission was raising funds and our secondary mission was reminding people that breast cancer isn't just an old lady issue. Many women in their 20s, 30s and 40s get breast cancer and checking for lumps is easy to remember to do every time your period comes.