The Mother Brush is turning the hair industry on its head, here in Australia. It is the mother of all brushes, because it takes the detangling hairbrush technology from the Original Happy Hair Brush and dramatically improves on it! This new boar bristle hair brush is about to become a wholesale hair brush phenomenon, in the wholesale salon supplies industry.

Try a New Boar Bristle Hair Brush

If you’ve been disappointed with the brushes you’ve had to date (if they’ve ripped your hair, pulled your hair, broken your bleached hair, broken your extensions), then look no further than The Mother Brush! This is the brush that’s going to love you back.

You might be reading this article and thinking ‘sure, yeah, another brush claiming it’s everything you want it to be.’ Don’t be mistaken! This is not like any other deadbeat, in a line of exes that have bitterly let you down.

The Mother Brush has been designed to be with you for the rest of your life; to look after you, make you smile, and deliver on the promise that it offers. It’s at home waiting for you and it’s there first thing in the morning. Short of bringing you flowers, it’s perfect! This brush is guaranteed to make you smile. It’ll be your new BFF and you won’t want to share it with anyone.


Tame Your Hair with Extra Long Boar Bristles and Hair Brush Pins

The extra-long boar bristles and brush pins are designed to easily glide through super thick and tangled hair, taming tangles, curls, and knots. The Mother Brush is stronger, longer, and hands down better than any other brush! It is available in the Australian retail and wholesale market through the experts here at The Original Happy Hair Brush.

The Mother Brush’s Comfort Grip Handle Makes Brushing Easy

The lightweight design of The Mother Brush, as well as the comfort grip, is designed to fit easily in your hand. It has a practical texture grip handle, so you can securely grip it even with wet, slippery hands.

The handle is elongated, which enables better leverage without hurting yourself. It reaches to the nape of your neck and brushes from the scalp to the roots.

Massage Your Scalp as You Brush with a Detangling Hair Brush

The mother of all brushes deeply massages your head as the extra-long nylon bristles of the detangling hair brush slide through your long hair in one sweep. The boar bristles of The Mother Brush also help to distribute the natural oils from your scalp, through your hair, for a glossy, natural shine.

Rubber Free & Allergy Free: The Original Mother Brush

The Original Mother Brush is rubber-free, for customers with allergies. Make sure you purchase the Original Happy Hair Brush brand of The Mother Brush for a rubber-free brush. We will be selling The Original Mother Brush on our retail website, and to hair professionals who wish to purchase it as a wholesale hair brush for their salons. Keep a lookout for The Mother Brush at a salon near you!

Shop Wholesale Hair Supplies

CTA: If you are in the wholesale hair supplies or wholesale salon supplies industry and would be interested in selling from the Happy Hair Brush range, consider our wholesale hair brush in your salon. Feel free to contact us via our wholesaler form or send an enquiry online now. After all, 9 out of 10 salons say our brushes sell themselves!

July 22, 2022 — Elodie Obkircher Vela