A parent’s main goal in the morning is to get the kids up, dressed, fed, hair brushed and out the door! Here at The Original Happy Hair Brush, we know that the key of getting kids ready in the morning is being organised and anticipating the issues. If you’re not organised, then that is where the chaos starts, and no parent wants to send their kids out the door looking feral.

And here are 5 tips to help with that experience, particularly when it comes to your child’s hair, to make your school mornings a breeze.

#1. Pick a Specific Time in the Morning that Routine Works for You

  • Some parents brush their children’s hair during breakfast. The kids are sitting down, eating, and are therefore distracted, making it easier to brush. Our top seller The Happy Hair Brush doesn’t hurt like other brushes will, so they won’t cause a fuss.
  • After breakfast, the kids are satisfied with full bellies. This means they are less likely to be jumping around and you can sit down and brush their hair distraction-free!
  • While the kids are watching TV, they are happily watching an episode of their favourite show while they’re hair is getting brushed.
  • After teeth have been brushed is a popular choice, especially for older children brushing their own hair.
  • As soon as they wake up, use a Paddle Hair Brush for a soft brush on a sleepy head.

If there are multiple children, they can brush each other’s hair, perhaps while you brush yours. You can even make it a race or a game: “I bet I can brush my hair faster than you can brush your hair!”


#2. Have all Accessories (Ribbons, Bows, Bands, etc) in a Container

  • Make a home base for the hairbrushes and accessories, so everyone knows where the brush goes after use.
  • Teach the family to put the brush back in the brush spot.
  • Make multiple home bases for the brush, such as one in the lounge room, one in the bathroom, and one in the car. Never remove these from the base.

There’s nothing worse than having to rush around in panic, looking for your Happy Hair Brush!


#3. Brushing in the Evening Means Less Tangles in the Morning!

  • If your child has a lot of hair, then a soft towel dry and a light blow dry is a good idea after night-time showers. If they go to bed with wet hair, they’ll end up with a bird’s nest in the morning.
  • Set up a routine for brushing hair, such as pre or post teeth brushing.
  • Children’s hair does not need to be washed every day unless there’s food or other miscellaneous materials in their hair.
  • If they’ve got a bird’s nest, use a moisturising spray. We recommend using a repair spray that moistens the hair tips, as that’s where hair dries out the easiest. Try our Miraculous Ladybug Repair Spray, available online.

#4. Don’t Try any New Elaborate Hairstyles in the Morning

  • Don’t try a new style in the morning. Do it in the afternoon when the kids are happy to sit and watch a show. This avoids mistakes, lateness, and panic.

  • If there is a special school day where they can have fun colours in their hair, or if there’s a school carnival, practice the hair style the night before or a few days before (in the afternoon or weekends). This means there is less pressure day of.

      #5. Invest in a Hairbrush that Makes all the Difference

      For your sanity and peace of mind, follow this advice in the mornings and invest in a hairbrush that will make them happy! Get them up, dressed, fed and out the door, without any hitches in the routine. Shop the range from The Original Happy Hair Brush online today.

      July 22, 2022 — Elodie Obkircher Vela