My Child’s Week of Wild, Crazy, Bird Nest Hair

If you struggle to get the tangles out of your child’s hair, or if your kids cringe
every time they see you pick up a hairbrush… Consider investing in a gentle, detangling hair brush from Happy Hair Brush. We can get to the root of your struggles when it comes to hair care, with a wide range of products that condition and detangle your child’s bird nest hair. Our products include our original curved boar bristle hair brush, mini paddle hair brush, Miraculous Ladybug conditioner and the fun accessories from our My Little Pony hair range.

Wild Hair Day

We’re Trying the Miraculous Ladybug Repair Spray. Fingers Crossed!

One way to get tangles out of your kid’s hair is with the help of a My Little Pony or Miraculous Ladybug Hair Repair Spray. On bed-hair day, try a Miraculous Ladybug Repair Spray treatment for detangling. It’s a leave-in conditioning treatment that helps to reduce frizz! Simply:
● Spritz the Miraculous Ladybug Repair Spray
● Try separating the knots with your fingers
● Use a detangling paddle hair brush on dry or wet hair

Tangled Hair Day

I’m Giving the My Little Pony Hair Conditioner a Go

After you’ve washed your child’s hair with shampoo, add some My Little Pony Hair conditioner or Miraculous Ladybug conditioner and leave it in for a few minutes before rinsing. Condition before bed to assist against frizzing and tangling during sleep.

Crazy Hair Day
I Sent my Child to School with My Little Pony Hair Extensions

For a simple fix to wild hair days, put your kid’s hair in a ponytail and tie a My
Little Pony Hair Extension to your child’s hair. They will love it! They are fun, colourful and will make your kid feel like a star. They also fit in with school sports days and school celebrations.

Bird Nest Hair Day

The Detangling Hair Brush has Arrived and I’m So Excited

On a bird nest hair day, your Happy Hair Brush is your saving grace! Detangling hair becomes a breeze with an Original Happy Hair Brush. The nylon pins slide through your kids hair like butter, as the soft boar bristle hair brush gently massages the scalp and distributes your natural hair oils from the roots to the tips. It doesn’t pull and cause pain. Success!

What a Week!

Thank You Happy Hair Brush! It Worked Like Magic

Whether your child’s hair is curly and thick, or straight and fine, our Happy Hair Brush suits all kinds of hair, on all kinds of days! Make mornings a breeze and shop online now.

We have the cutest Miraculous Ladybug and My Little Pony hair brush designs in
store now, as well as our famous Original Happy Hair Brush. Shop online for your
paddle hair brush today!

September 19, 2022 — Jen Harwood