Choose the Right Pet Brush to Groom Long Haired Pets

Here at The Happy Hair Brush, we help to demystify the process of choosing what brush to use to groom your long-haired cat or dog. With its many features and comfortable bristles, we think the Happy Hair Brush would make a great everyday cavoodle brush, poodle brush or ragdoll cat brush. We look at pet grooming brushes and compare them with our favourite Happy Hair Brush, so you can make an informed choice about your next dog brush or cat brush purchase in Australia.

Choose the Happy Hair Brush for Your Cavoodle Brush, Poodle Brush & Ragdoll Cat Brush

The long nylon pins of the Happy Hair Brush detangling hair brush are ideal for detangling, as they glide through your pet’s coat. The mixed nylon and boar bristle hair brush features natural boar bristles that can help to distribute the natural oils in your pet’s skin and give your pet a naturally glossy coat. We recommend the Happy Hair Brush as a general, all-purpose, every day long-haired dog brush and cat brush. A Happy Hair Brush can take the place of a bristle brush or nylon pin brush in your pet grooming kit, for its detangling actions.

Why a Happy Hair Brush is Better than Wire Pin Brushes

Our team have put together a guide of some common grooming brushes and combs for pets and why our Happy Hair Brush may be a better option.

  • A flea comb has very fine comb teeth and is a specific comb, designed to pick fleas out of your pet’s long hairs.
  • Bristle brushes are great all-round brushes. They’re ideal for medium and short haired dogs and cats. A longer bristle dog brush or cat brush (such as the Happy Hair Brush) is ideal for long-haired breeds.
  • De-shedding brushes are often used on double coated show dogs. They feature a bristle brush on the topcoat, whilst the blades on the undercoat selectively de-sheds loose hair.
  • Wire pin brushes, slicker brushes, undercoat rakes and metal combs all hurt and traumatise animals. Remember, dogs and cats will see these brushes in your hand and run the other way!
  • Normal pet brushes are made of metal pins that drag across the coat and fur and rip out tangles and knots. This can be very painful. If you want to get tangles out of your pet’s hair, a Happy Hair Brush or a Happy Hair Brush Vegan Brush (slightly stronger, due to being made out of nylon bristles and nylon pins) will detangle your pet’s hair without pain.
  • You can use the Happy Hair Brush and the Vegan Hair Brush on pets with wet or dry hair. You will find that your pet will happily let you brush them, as they think they are just receiving a loving massage when you are detangling their coat.
  • The Happy Hair Brush removes all of the trauma of painful brushes and actually encourages your pets, improving the bond between you while grooming and detangling their coats.

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Many people have said that their pet will go find a Happy Hair Brush when they want to be massaged! Join the movement today and shop online with The Original Happy Hair Brush.
September 23, 2022 — Elodie Obkircher Vela