Independent brushing made easier!

Hair Brushes for Toddlers

Toddlers - the age of wanting to do it themselves !

Your babes have overnight turned into little Miss or little Mr Independant wanting to do everything by themselves. They still dont have the hand eye co-ordination to effectively brush their hair but bless them, they demand to do it! Our Original Paddle brushes, Sensory brushes and our mini brushes will deal with their hair and not rip it or damage it. This is great for both you and them because they can have a go... and at the same time, learn that our brushes wont hurt. Similarly, our MIni brush is actually small enough for toddlers to get a great grip and be able to use it somewhat effectively.

Real Customers Share their Experiences

This Mum tries the Sensory Paddle on her toddlers knotty and tangled hair and is amazed at how easy it is to get through all the hair with no complaints!

Getting out of the shower and brushing through your toddler's hair is so easy with our Original Paddle Brush. It simply glides through the hair with no tuggling or ripping.

Out of the mouths of babes - "It doesn't hurt!". The Mini Travel Brush runs smoothly through thick hair, and is easy for little hands to hold. All smiles here - independent and happy!


Which Happy Hair Brush will work for my child?

Kids 4 years and up can handle any of the Original paddle brushes or mini brushes.

Kids under 4 years old, who have never had a hair cut will probably need one of our sensory brushes. This is because kids under 4 have thinner hair and sensitive heads. Our sensory brushe's nylon pins are a little more bendy and softer.

ADHD and Sesnory kids will also prefer a sensory paddle or even a mini brush. The Mini is better for these kids as its less surface area on the head at any given time.

Customer reviews
This is the second of these brushes I have bought. I bought one initially for my then 3 year old who hated having her hair brushed. She loved this brush. No pulling, no tears. She has extremely fine toddler hair and it doesn't yank it or pull it. I've now bought a second one for myself. My fine, thin hair loves it, I love the massaging bristles too.
— Louise ~ on the Mini Travel Brush, Purple
I have very thick wavy hair that knots easily, same with my toddler, I didn’t know what to expect when it came to this brush but now our hair now only takes a minute or so to brush out completely and it doesn’t frizz which means we keep our curls and no more tears.
— Emily ~ on the Sensory Paddle Brush, Teal
Amazing, amazing brush! I bought this for my toddler but now we share. We take turns brushing each others hair because it doesn’t hurt at all. Have told all my friends and family that they need a Happy Hair Brush in their lives.
— Julia ~ on the Original Paddle Brush
Brilliant!! My toddler hated having her hair brushed. But not anymore!!! She calls it her “special brush” and now it’s not a wrestling match to brush her hair, especially after we’ve just washed it! Thank you Happy Hair Brush!
— Elizabeth ~ on the Mini Travel Brush, Fuchsia