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Sensory Hair Brush

Disabilities, Neurodiversity and Chronic illness

Everyone has hair and some of the MOST rewarding testimonials and reviews have come from parents (and kids) with physical and sensory challenges. Our brushes have litterally changed kids and their families lives because brushing hair is no longer a battle. Our brushes are soft enough for the sensitive of heads and strong enough to go through the thickest of hair. See below. Remember we have a 100% Money Back Guarentee !

Real Customers Share their Kid's Experiences

Tyson is non-verbal autistic and hates his hair brushed until trying the Happy Hair Brush. Now he enjoys hair brushing

Liebenberg syndrome causes elbows and wrists to be stiff. Our brush enabled this girl to be able to brush her hair by herself for the very first time ! Check out how happy she is.

A mother of an Autistic tween shared her normal 3-4 hour finger detangling has been reduced to 10 minutes !

How to Brush Sensory Kid's Hair

Hair on any child is hard to brush, and when you're child has physical, neurodivergent or sensory challenges it can be even harder.

Picking your battles with kids with these challenges means that brushing hair is one battle that might not win or even be attempted.

Our brushes remove the angst, stress and drama that ALL other brushes cause. We 100% promise.

ADHD and Sensory kids usually prefer a sensory paddle or even a mini brush. Some prefer the Mini brush as its less surface area on the head at any given time and the handle is easy to grip.

Customer reviews
Amazing!!!! I could never brush my now 5 year olds hair without crying abs pushing me away every day! Now with this amazing hair brush brushing her hair is a breeze. She is very happy for me to do it! Now I no why it’s called the Happy Hairbrush 🤣🤣🫶💯👏
— Laura ~ on the Sensory Paddle Brush, Pink
We got the sensory brush for our daughter Mia who is 7 and is diagnosed with Autism, it has been amazing on her curly hair, no more pain will her curly hair, such an easier process! 🤩🩷
— Sian ~ on the Sensory Paddle Brush, Pink
I have a daughter with ASD who hates brushing her hair and hates it being touched. But she is happy to use this brush as it really does get the knots out without the pain! Best thing around.
— April ~ on the Sensory Paddle Brush, Teal
It's amazing, I've gone from having a child who cried when I said we had to brush her hair, before a brush had even touched her head, having her hair cut in a graduated bob above the hairline, to her being able to sit still and have her hair brushed and braided with no fuss and she will even get the brush and do it herself. The brush is the best investment, especially for sensory kids!!
— Rebecca - on Mini Travel Brush, Fuchsia
My daughter has very thick, wavy hair, sensory issues, and she wants to look like Rapunzel and won’t let us cut it. Our days were filled with fights and tears before this brush. Accept no imitations; this is the real deal.
— Anonymous ~ on the Sensory Paddle Brush, Teal
I’m going to say it - I never leave reviews, but this brush is genuinely amazing. It was the worst battle to brush my 4yo’s hair, she’d absolutely yelp. I had a couple of other ‘no tears’ brushes but they never worked on the underside of her hair. I can pull as rough as I want and it doesn’t hurt her. The knots made her look like a homeless urchin are brushed out in about 10 strokes. It’s honestly the best purchase I’ve made in ages. I can’t work out why it’s so effective over all the others but it really is. Buy the brush.
— Tamara ~ on the Sensory Paddle Brush, Pink
My daughter is hypersensitive and so we tried several brushes but none were successful until we found the sensory happy hair brush. It is by far the best purchase I have made for her sensitivities. thank you happy hair brush. Highly recommend it and will be ordering a second one!!!!
— Maria ~ on the Sensory Paddle Brush, Teal
The BEST hair brush ever created! My niece has sensory processing disorder and is on the Autism spectrum. Hair brushing was a constant upset. Now with this brush she actually gets excited to brush her hair. Seeing her happiness is why we will be buying more of the brushes in the future! Thank you Happy Hair Brush!
— Anonymous - on the Sensory Paddle Brush, Teal
This has been perfect for our oldest (4). He has gone from HATING having his hair brushed/done, to happily sitting each morning and allowing it to happen. While he isn't part of the curly hair club, it's a massive sensory input overload for him, and this brush has helped immensely with this and resolved the hair brushing struggle.
— Angie ~ on the Mini Travel Brush, Orange