pets want pain free brushing too

Happy Pets

Dogs, cats & horses love, love our hair brushes!

Our pets are part of our family, yet many use pet brushes that hurt, tug, pull and rip hair and fur our. Its time to get a Happy Hair Brush for the furry members of the family.

Customer reviews
We ordered 2 of these amazing brushes for our family and now this is a 3rd for the pets! Has changed our day to day life for the better!
— Anonymous ~ on the Original Paddle Brush, Navy
I have the larger size brush for myself and love it so much, it just glides through my hair, particularly when wet, no more knots. Then I bought the smaller one for my Maine Coon cat and she loves it, and no more knots in her fur, bought this newer one as we have two cats. Highly recommend them for both people and pets, well done Happy Hair!
— Ch'kara ~ on the Mini Travel Brush, Purple
Clients kids and even the cat loves it. Easy to clean. Feels nice on people's heads. We have a salon and use it heaps. Love the colour. It's our most popular colour.
— Bronwyn ~ on the Original Paddle, Fuchsia Pink