From the age of about 10, kid's hair will start to change. The biggest change is how much oil is in it due to hormone increases. This can leave tweens and their parents a little confused as to why their hair is now harder to manage.

From our own discovery, tweens don't usually wash their hair every day. They are too busy playing games or talking with friends, don't make time to get it done or just forget. As parents, we have learned to pick our battles... and with happy Hair Brushes in the house, hair hasn't been a battle  since they were little and now... the hair issue is back and the Happy Hair Brush isn't working like it once did. 

The Happy Hair Brush, for some tweens and teens now skims over the top and doesn't do a deep brush. So the child may still brush, but its not effective anymore as their hair has changed. 

Yelling at them to have a shower and wash and brush their hair falls on deaf ears. Then after a while, they come to you with dreaded hair begging for help as they 'don't know' why it got this way!!!  Yes, thats happened to our kids.

So we then have a very upset tween crying and jerking away as we try to finger seperate and detangle their hair. They protest and complain while we hold back saying... If you'd only have listened to me, and washed and brushed your hair when I told you to, this wouldn't have been a problem. No, we don't say that, we just say, I know honey, we're almost there, it's almost done. 

Well, this frustrating loop can now be avoided because we've developed the Mother of all Brushes, the Mother Brush to be the ultimate brush for tweens, teens and adults. Its got longer, firmer bristles thank our standard happy Hair Brush range. Little children can be super sensitive to the brushing experience but by the time they are 10, they can brush their own hair and they need a brush thats actually going to do the job on thicker hair.

These brushes make a great gift for a tween or teenager and gives them a sense of reaching one of the milestones of becoming an adult. The brushes are beautiful and something they will keep for years as its been designed and built to last. 

Developed by our founder Jen Harwood, The Mother Brush has been the results of customer feedback, testing and adapting to create a brush that works for thicker hair and a lot of use. We hope you enjoy it as much as our kids are. 

June 12, 2022 — Jen Harwood