It's never fun when your kid's hair gets matted. You know what I'm talking about—those little knots that seem to multiply like rabbits, and the more you try to comb them out, the worse they get? It's enough to make you want to pull your hair out (or your kid's) or worse, want to chop it all off!!! We’ve been there too. So we have some tips on  How to Detangle Matted Hair mess without losing your cool and saying or doing something you might regret. There's one tool you might want to try: a detangling brush from Happy Hair Brush.

How to Detangle Hair with a Detangling Brush?

A detangling brush is an amazing brush that helps you get your kids to school quicker and the answer to your hair prayers. At Happy Hair, we know how to detangle hair and get through knotted hair without causing breakage or pain. Our brush has soft bristles that reach deep into the tangled parts of your hair and work gently on the knots themselves—allowing you to brush out your birds nest in no time at all.

Our Happy Hair Brushes and Mini Brushes, as well as our My Little Pony Repair Spray and Miraculous Ladybug Repair Spray exist to give all families the tools how to detangle matted hair and how to deal with it scream-free!

Why You Should Use a Detangling Brush for Kids Hair

If you have kids with matted hair or curly locks that tend to knot up easily, using a detangling brush can be a lifesaver on how to detangle matted hair quickly. It allows them to brush their own hair (and therefore feel empowered), reducing frustration for both parent and child (since the process doesn't take forever), and prevents damage from tugging too hard at stubborn knots.

The good news is that detangling hair doesn't have to be difficult or painful—even if they've been playing in the pool all day. All it takes is a little patience (and a Happy Hair Paddle Brush) with some tried-and-true techniques. Here are some tips for how to detangle matted hair with ease:

  1. Start with damp or dry hair: Whether your kids are coming out of the pool or home from school, it doesn’t matter the state of their hair,  you’ll be able to smooth out any snags or knots that might occur during detangling with a Happy Hair Brush. 
  2. If you’d like to use a leave in conditioner first: Apply a generous amount of silky spray directly onto your child's scalp and their hairs ends and work it through with your fingers into the ends. This will help with hair repair, and add a nice silky soft touch to their mane. It also helps with snags or knots while also creating an extra layer of protection against breakage as you comb through her hair.
  1. Use your Happy Hair Brush and work from ends up. Always start at the ends of your child's hair and work toward the scalp, so that if any tangles do occur, they'll be on top of one another instead of below them (which makes them harder to remove). This tip on how to detangle hair will also help prevent breakage from using too much force while brushing out the hair.

The Final Takeaway

When it comes to how to detangle matted hair, the right tools can make all the difference. We're talking about Happy Hair brush products that are designed specifically for how to detangle kids hair . A good detangler hair brush should keep your hair healthy and strong while it untangles knots and knots of tangles. Fortunately, with Happy Hair brush  your kids will avoid a serious chop if you have the right brush, and tips on how to detangle matted hair. So calm your mind, grab a good brush, and start de-tangling!
November 17, 2022 — Elodie Obkircher Vela