Terms and Conditions

  1. You have provided your Salon / Barber's business information because you are their client and/or have permission to do so.
  2. Salons / Barber = physical retail salon or barber shop or a home based hairdresser or barber operating in Australia that we dont know. 
  3. Mobile hairdressers are not included in this offer.
  4. The Salon / Barber introduced by your completing this form will be verified as a legitimate Australian business before we contact them. 
  5. Once verified, we will call the number you give us once and if no answer leave a voicemail message mentioning your name.
  6. We will also email the email address (if provided) once, also referencing your name as a referral.
  7. A successful introduction is that the salon/barber business either a) they provide verbal or email permission to send them a few brushes to trial in their business or b) places an order.
  8. Only one $20 store voucher per referring household.
  9. The $20 store voucher will be valid from issue until 11.59pm 31st Dec 2022.
  10. The voucher is not redeemable for cash. It can only be used on our online store www.happyhairbrush.com.au and is not transferable.
  11. Only 50 vouchers are available in this promotion. Total value of the promotion is $1000. 
  12. This promotion runs from 7pm 9th November 2022 until 10pm 4th of December 2022.